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Hon'ami Kôetsu (1558~1637)Hon'ami Kôetsu (1558~1637)

Black Raku tea bowl named “Murakumo”
The mouth is curved outward, the black glaze applied with deliberate irregularity around the mouth and the area of the body to show the red clay texture underneath. It is representative of Kôetsu's tea bowl.
Raku tea bowl with amber glaze named “Tatsumine” authenticated by Takahara Shakuan and Matsunaga Jian
The bowl is deformed in oval shape, the mouth beveled inward on one side and re-curved on the other side. It represents Kôetsu's spontaneous approach to the modeling of a tea bowl. It has a similar style to his red Raku tea bowl named “Otogoze” (Important Cultural Property).
Scroll calligraphy, Kôetsu's letter to Raku KIchizaemon requesting the clay,ex-collection of the Raku family
This is a letter written by Kôetsu to Raku Jôkei to request some clay for his tea bowls. The text is short and simple, evidently showing a certain intimacy between Kôetsu and the Raku family.
  • Scroll calligraphy, Kôetsu's letter to Raku Kichizaemon requesting the glaze
  • and others
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