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Tanaka Sôkei (1535 ~ ?)Tanaka Sôkei (1535 ~ ?)

Black Raku tea bowl named “Isarai” authenticated by Kakukakusai and Ryôryôsai
The name “Isarai” derives from famous spring water. This bowl in the shape of  Rikyû's preferred type is representative of Sôkei's work and marked with Sôkei's Raku seal.
Akoda gourd shaped fresh water jar with a design of chrysanthemum Provenance: the Kônoike family

The body is coated with a white glaze called kôro glaze, on which a chrysanthemum design is applied in yellow slip.
The base bears Sôke's Raku seal. It is the oldest Raku example of fresh water jar.

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