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Raku Successive Generations: Special Exhibition
#RakuTea Bowl #Art of Flame #Tea Ceremony
Friday 26 April – Sunday 1 September 2024

Amidst the upheavals of the Warring States of Azuchi Momoyama period in Japan, the tea ceremony underwent significant changes under the influence of the tea master Sen Rikyū who introduced an aesthetic concept of wabicha, wabi way of tea.
Raku tea bowls, characteristically monochrome and devoid of any decorative elements, were born to embody this Rikyū’s vision of wabicha.
One variation was a complete black tea bowl with a black glaze enveloping the entire bowl. Another was a red tea bowl with the red texture that derives from a use of the red Juraku clay, almost being integrated into the surrounding colour of the Juraku walls of the tea room.
Both were designed by a potter named Chōjirō in collaboration with the tea master as a mentor.

These unique creations born out of the hands of Chōjirō in pursuit of Rikyū’s wabicha became known as Raku chawan, a type of tea bowls made specifically for the act of drinking whipped tea, emerging as unique entities within Kyoto’s ceramic tradition inherited by the successive Raku lineage till today.

In this exhibition, we aim to showcase the essence of the Raku tea bowls, presenting a visual image of the artistry of the kiln’s flames breathing life into the bowls, along with a carefully selected group of tea bowls from the founder to the current head, Raku Kichizaemon XVI.
We hope you will be able to experience a glimpse of Japanese culture and the family heritage through the lens of Raku tea bowls.

Closed: Mondays (except National Holidays)
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 16:30 (the last admission 16:00)
*advance reservations NOT required
Admission: Adults ¥1,200
University Students ¥1,000, High School Students ¥500
Juniour high school and under free admission
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