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Living Cultural Treasure - unchanged tradition passed down over 450 years

The Raku Family built their house and workshop in the present address during the Momoyama period. Tanaka Sôkei, Jôkei II and Sômi are listed on the document of temple solicitation for the reconstruction of Kyoto Hoke temple. According to this document, Sôkei resided in Minami Inokuma-cho, Jôkei resided in Nakasuji-cho and Sômi in Nishiôji-chô. Minami Inokuma-chô is the area where Rikyû's residence was situated inside the Jurakudai palace. The family house was presumably moved from this area to the present premises after the construction of the Jurakudai Palace. Since then for 450 years Raku successive generations have passed down the Raku technique and tradition without any modification. The method of making the bowl and of firing has stayed the same since the birth of Raku ware.

The present Raku house was rebuilt in 1855.
Designated as the Registered Cultural Property by Japanese Government.
Designated as the Historical Design Structure and the Important Landscape Structure by Kyoto City.