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Kônyû XII (1857~1932)Kônyû XII (1857~1932)

Black Raku tea bowl with a crescent moon design named “Suga”, ex-collection of the Raku family
The bowl is rather shallow with a gentle round contour. The interior bottom has an area not coated with the black glaze to purposely design a crescent moon shape. “Suga” is the name of Kônyû's wife.
Red Raku tea bowl produced at 300 years' anniversary of Chôjirô's death,ex-collection of the Raku family
This bowl is one among a series of 300 bowls produced to commemorate 300 years' anniversary of the death of Chôjirô in 1890 when Kônyû was 34 years old.
It bears the Raku seal specially made for the anniversary by Rokurokusai, the 11th head of the Omote Senke.
Incense container in the shape a monkey,ex-collection of the Raku family
It is an example of incense container made in the shape of one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. Many of Raku generations produced incense containers associated with twelve zodiac animals. This example is particularly charming with a humorous expression of the monkey.
  • Black Raku low cylindrical tea bowl named “Uzushio”,ex-collection of the Raku family
  • Red Raku tea bowl named “Kise” authenticated by Sokuchûsai,ex-collection of the Raku family
  • Red Raku tea caddy authenticated by Rokurokusai,ex-collection of the Raku family
  • Incense container with hanaikada motif, timber raft with flower motif
  • Sangi yohô mizusashi, squared fresh water jar with rod numerals motif with kôro glaze
  • and others
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