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RAKU WARE | Topics

Autumn special exhibition
Teabowls by Successive Generations of the Raku Family: An Unbroken Thread of Creative Reinvention
Saturday 12 September – Thursday 24 December 2020
Announcement of temporary closure
Saturday 28 March - Monday 13 April 2020
Spring Special Exhibition - A selection of works by Raku successive generations -
Function and Beauty - A Multiplicity of Ceramic Forms –
Saturday 14 March - Sunday 28 June 2020
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The current generation Raku Kichizaemon XV talked in his interview organised by NHK WORLD and nippon.com.
We are very pleased to announce that a Black Raku Teabowl named Aoyama by Raku Dônyû III has been recently designated as an Important Cultural Property.
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